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Emotions are the spice of life.
They enhance our experiences.

This reflection is the guiding principle of our tours, it is our travel philosophy.

A wide range of viewpoints is important to us because it helps us to better understand different observations. Inside visits promote an intense perspective, they are by far what make a trip exciting and full of emotion for those who experience them.

It is for this very reason that when we organize tours we give plenty of space to culinary experiences, and on some tours, we chose the bicycle as our means of transportation.

Food always takes on the role of protagonist in the life of most Italians.

Our traditional dishes are “comfort food” for us and also an important part of our culture, to experience them means to enter our world, feel what we feel and understand more about us.

Getting around by bike gives one the sense of oneness with the place that we visit,  whether that place be in the city or a trail in the countryside, you will feel these vibes. When the heart is beating faster it is more prone to experience new emotions in a more full and intense way.

Our tours are organized down to the last detail, but this does not mean that we are not flexible and open to modifications along the way. We are very open to serendipidity if you are.

Emotional Tours is a trademark of Demetra Viaggi S.r.l., an agency founded in 1989 in Rome. We are liscensed with A and B (Tour Operator and Travel Agency, autorizzazione n. 40/1994 rilasciata dalla Provincia di Roma, iscrizione C.C.I.A.A di Roma n. 793067 – P.IVA n. 04643341008).

Demetra Viaggi is an associate of Fiavet (Federazione Italiana della Agenzie di Viaggio e Turismo).

Our objective is to help you organize the perfect holiday in Italy.

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